Semi Hardcore Raid Team Philosophy

Scarlet League Semi Hardocre Team exists to achieve full clears of the PvE content in the game with strong raid times while also maintaining a positive and joyful atmosphere. All values below are put in place to facilitate this goal.


All members of the Semi Hardcore Team recognise the necessity to put effort into raiding, show up with best possible gear and have necessary enchants and bring consumables. There can be no “tourist mentality” - you are there to pull your weight or die trying. The Semi Hardcore Raid Team will have some incredibly strong players - do not expect to be allowed to sit on their backs and let them carry you.


Raiders of the Semi Hardcore Team are expected to be on discord for every single raid and willing to either speak on voice comms or write in raid chat when necessary. Understanding English to a minimal conversational level is a requirement.


Members of the Semi Hardcore raid team may be called upon to give further assistance to Raid Leaders and organisers of the raid. Critical members of the team such as tanks are expected to have close to full attendance.


All members of the Semi Hardcore Team agree to continuously strive to perform to the best of their abilities. Do not show up to the raids without checking guides or watching a video or two. You are expected to follow the Raid Leader’s calls and respect their assignments. While parses are not everything, no member of the Semi Hardcore Team should allow their performance to drop to tourist levels.


Key to the Team’s success is constant improvement both as a group and as individuals. Nobody is born a perfect PvE player, but everybody can reach a great level of proficiency. It is expected that struggling players will put in extra work to catch up to the rest of the Team and the League will help them do so. An unwillingness to improve is to disrespect your fellow raiders.


Semi Hardcore Team exist as a single entity and is only as strong as it’s weakest member. Egoism has no place here - all of the members agree to put their personal goals and agenda away, support each other and work together united under a common goal. Selfish mentalities will not be tolerated. We will succeed only as a whole.


We are all people and we will make many mistakes. It is important to maintain a positive and non violent attitude during those hard moments. Despite great efforts and a lot of invested time, WoW is still a computer game and it’s meant to bring joy and satisfaction. Don’t be whiny, do not needlessly complain, do not insult and attack your fellow members and most importantly: stay positive. Personal drama is arguably the single biggest threat to the goals of the Semi Hardcore Raid team.

Not adhering to the rules outlined above will result in the termination of the Semi Hardcore Team assignment and subsequent ban from guild-only raids.