hy the League?

Are you tired of being a nameless soldier in the 14th raid team of that huge conglomerate guild?

Are you tired of that stupid loot council spreadsheet in which your name seems to always be furthest down the list?

Are you tired of not being recognised for your insane dps numbers or big brain strategy that got you that first boss kill?

Look no further than the Scarlet League! The Scarlet League calls upon all mighty zealots, righteous warriors and drunken fools to take up the white-cross-on-red tabard and join our ranks as we venture into Molten Core through the Dark Portal into the icy desert of Northrend.

ur History

Our guild’s history is forged in fire and power of destiny itself. On day one of classic World of Warcraft a promise was made. A promise that would forever drive and unite us - that we will kill Kel'thuzad and venture through the Dark Portal together. That promise was kept.

During more than three years, through thick and thin, we built a tight-knit community and carved out our own place on the Zandalar Tribe server. This spent together in raids, dungeons and the battlefields ended up being more fun than we ever could have imagined during those first few hours in Elwynn forest on 26th August 2019. We achieved what little guilds have managed to achieve throughout the classic journey: keeping both hardcore and more casual players together, united under a common cause. Moreover, we are one of the only guilds on the server that can boast regular weekly raiding as well as organised premades in the battlegrounds.

ur Future

Now, our intention is to take this eclectic mix of activities and players to a new level, bringing more opportunity to our members. In Wrath, we will be hosting new raid team: a dedicated one for pumpers and neckbeards.

e want YOU!

Would you like to know more? Check out the Library page of our website to read more, view the loot system/rules and join our Discord server! Reach out to Demimka or Spinozist for more information.

For The League,