ho are we

We are a small (about 119 unique accounts, around +/- 65 people actively raiding) guild focused on PVE progression while building a tight community and maintaining a relaxed, drunken, funny atmosphere. We value mutual respect, integrity and full transparency the most - there is no place for toxicity in our ranks.

Contrary to popular belief we are not absolutely casual - we encourage our players to come to raids prepared, with a full set of buffs and consumables. Our ambitions could be summed in sub 50-60 minutes BWL with our best clear being currently 44 (pre-Phase 5) and 15/15 Naxxramas with 15/15 bosses currently down (current Phase).

So, speaking raid wise, if you are looking for a place where you can jump in and do 2hrs Naxx right away - that’s not us. We are not there and I am not sure if we ever want to be. The ambient of top progression guilds, the silence during clears, spending a couple of days farming flasks for every caster - that’s not us and it will never be.

But! if you value simple fun while raiding in an efficient and non toxic environment, if you aim to better yourselves, your rotations and if you want to put effort into building something together, kind of a university football team style (or whatever sport you fancy) - we may be a good fit. We sometimes have hiccups, we hit the wall, but that’s part of what we are.

Our raiding days are: Thursday and Monday (progressing Naxx) with additional PUG-filled AQ/BWL/MC being scheduled every week. We entertain the possibility of adding one more raiding day in the future, depending on our situation.

ow are we organised

I am holding a dictatorship level of power in the league. It means that all the decisions are enacted by me and I take full blame and I accept full responsibility for them. The key word here is “enacted”, because I am not really making those decisions, I only clean up the mess. As in every organisation the true power lies in the hands of our members being represented by Leaders - one for each class and one additional strategy advisor. Any changes to our guild are run by them. I am being helped by the co founders of the guild, serving as bureaucrats. They are the only people having the power of changing EPGP with me being the only one being able to modify its settings.

Both Leaders and co founders have no privileges whatsoever, those functions entails only additional duties. We invite feedback and we do not shy from criticism and leaders are the most heavily scrutinized people in our guild. Guilds that put officers or GMs on pedestals are, in our experience, the most corrupt.

ur loot system

We are using EPGP with weekly decay and prio list. Prio list is the responsibility of the class leaders and it’s being made having the overall good of the guild and our progression as top priority. EPGP system is fully transparent - you can see the entire history of our points from the very beginning at every given moment. You can also see your priority as well as the priority of every member of the League and you are more than welcome to do the snapshots or whatever you see fit to control me. System is completely transparent and I can promise you it will never be changed or abolished, as I would rather disband the guild that see us go down the spiral of corruption called loot council.

After each raid class leaders are deciding what players should get a small performance bonus (MVPs we call ‘em), based on their parses and used consumables. The aim of this is to boost most engaged players, but without giving them all the items. Each class leader must be prepared to defend their MVPs picks and be able to explain in simple, preferably mathematical terms.

ur plans

Kill Kel’Thuzad (done!) and cross Dark Portal together.

hat can we offer

The same we are offering all of our members - every one in the League is equal, nobody is getting any special privileges and it will never change.

I believe one thing we did correctly in the League is to create a pretty warm and welcoming community, so I am sure you would be accepted pretty easily.

Another plus is something I wrote about before - transparent loot system with human-corrupt elements taken to minimum: EPGP with special rewards for best performing people.

hat do we expect

Engaged, communicative players with ambitions and willingness to take our raiding step further. Any level of experience - if you are a newbie we will teach, if you are a pro we will listen. And I cannot stress this enough - we do not accept toxicity. Black humour, dead babies, completely drunk people are welcomed, but know your audience. Nazis, (insert anything)phobic, toxic people are not welcome. Simply speaking if there is too much hate in your heart to any group except horde - get the fuck out and spare me the cleaning work.

inal word

Congratulations on making it this far. If you think you got what it takes to wear Scarlet Cross on your back – feel free to message any SL member and ask for Leaders or join our Discord.

For the League,