Membership Declaration

ission and Vision

The Scarlet League is a World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic guild that aims to embody the meaning of community. We are a place for players wanting to push the boundaries of raid clear times and PVP rankings as well as those who enjoy the more social activities of the game.

At the end of the day, we understand that people play World of Warcraft classic to have fun away from the sometimes stressful IRL world. Fundamentally, the Scarlet League strives to be a place for every member to accomplish what they want with other like minded players.

uild Ethos and Philosophy

You will get out of this community what you put in. The Scarlet League will never demand anything specific from you but is also not in the business of giving handouts. We are all in this community together and united, anything and everything is possible. Although an organised programme of PVE and PVP content is provided week in and week out, we absolutely encourage members to take their own initiative with other activities in the game.

Do you want to try and break a world record for a specific dungeon clear time? Do it. Do you want to organise the most groundbreaking RP event of the century? Do it. We’ll help you with the RP outfits. Do you just want to see how many people you can get in discord for a 6 hour drunken fiesta? We will be the first ones to the party and the last to leave.

We recognise that the majority of the World of Warcraft player-base is interested in PVE content. The structure of our weekly raiding is a two-team approach: one hardcore team expecting to push to the limits of clear times and one semi-hardcore team expecting to clear all content, but with a little more leniency.

The officers of the Scarlet League have no privileges over members. Officers are accountable for their actions and should be judged on the success or failure of guild activities. Officers should not be judged on the actions of all members of the League - after all, we are all our own person. However, should something go wrong - officers will act swiftly.

All members of the Scarlet League are expected to act in accordance with the following core values at all times:


Acting respectfully towards all members of the League at all times. Treat people the way you wish to be treated and treat those outside the guild as if they would one day join your side in a Scarlet League raid.


Everyone is by definition different. Remember this and celebrate it. Bigotry towards others is unacceptable and will be met with severe punishment.


Every member is expected to not just have their character in the guild but participate in a meaningful way. Accounts that have not actively logged on and participated as a member of this community in 30 days will be kicked.

Open Mindedness

Keep an open mind. Entertain new ideas that others bring to the table. Learning is a social activity that requires listening.


You are not the main character in the anime of Azeroth. Log on, leave your drama at the door and be a part of our community and team.


Be truthful with yourself, other members and officers. Tell us what you like but more importantly, if you believe something can be improved then please voice this. Honesty and truthful feedback is the only way we can look to constantly improve things for everyone.


You need to proudly wear our most important symbol - White Cross on Red. In order to do so remember to hide your cloak and get guild tabard.