Dedicated Raid Team Philosophy

Scarlet League Dedicated Team exists to clear PvE content within set time limits and do so in a toxic free and competitive environment. All members agree to work towards this common goal. The purpose of the values outlined below are to achieve this objective. Regular performance reviews will be held of all members of the Dedicated Team. The following core values will also form the basis of these reviews.


All members of the Dedicated Team recognise the necessity to put extra effort even in unfavourable conditions - enchants must be applied, mats farmed and guides studied. There is no room for slacking and excuses here. The guild will not ask you to reroll your profession for the raid or to have a certain playstyle that may sacrifice your personal numbers for the benefit of the team - it is simply an expectation.


All members of the Dedicated Team acknowledge the need to communicate during raids. You are free to stay silent only as long as it does not warp the progression or performance of the raid in any respect. Every person must be able to speak up on voice comms when necessary.


Members of the Dedicated Team will be asked to help with raiding activities - creating strategies and writing guides for both teams. Participation in the Dedicated Team is a commitment to your fellow companions and to the guild. Due to their duties, members of Dedicated Team are strongly advised against having alts in other guilds. Close to full attendance is expected.


All members of the Dedicated Team agree to continuously strive to perform to the best of their abilities. This includes (but is not limited to) studying the mechanics of the boss fights and researching their own classes to achieve maximum possible performance. Execution and effort go hand in hand. Mistakes made in the heat of the moment of battle will happen but execution errors due to poor preparation are unacceptable.


Dedicated Team exist as a single entity and is only as strong as it’s weakest member. Egoism has no place here - all of the members agree to put their personal goals and agenda away, support each other and work together united under a common goal. Selfish mentalities will not be tolerated. We will succeed only as a whole.


Key to the Team’s success is constant improvement; both as a group and as individuals. To achieve this goal all members agree to recognise personal mistakes and study logs and guides as well as participating in tactical meetings to reach full potential. All members have the right to constructive feedback, both positive and negative, and agree to provide it in a non-toxic way. It doesn’t matter where we start, only where we end.


We are all people and we will make many mistakes. It is important to maintain a positive and non violent attitude during those hard moments. Despite great efforts and a lot of invested time, WoW is still a computer game and it’s meant to bring joy and satisfaction. Don’t be whiny, do not needlessly complain, do not insult and attack your fellow members and most importantly: stay positive. Personal drama is arguably the single biggest threat to the goals of the Dedicated Raid Team.

Not adhering to the rules outlined above will result in the termination of the Dedicated Team assignment.